A Nu-Way to Look at Life

My mom passed away this year. She was 85 and pneumonia gobbled her up like a hungry bear. It floored us, especially my 91-year-old father, who kept repeating, “This wasn’t the plan,” while pacing the quiet house for the next several weeks and trying in vain to figure out how to use the dishwasher. The […]

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The Only Thing Better Than Hairspray…

      My old roommate Melanie, who moved to Seattle last year (refer to previous blog titled “S & M in the USA”) is a very talented actress, dancer, and singer. She was the star of several Spartanburg Little Theater productions, including Chicago, in which she had to jump off tables in lingerie and heels and […]

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     I am a jeenyis. I mean, geenuis.      I had always suspected I was a genuis, but it was confirmed when my filmmaker friend Michael Dunaway posted something on Facebook about how it has been statistically proven that women with larger butts are smarter. (And if you haven’t yet seen his film The […]

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