Live! at The Nearsighted Narwhal

      So I live in the south. It is a grand place to be.
      Especially if you own a gun. Or a rebel flag. Or a gun and a rebel flag.
      It is not quite so advantageous if you are a fairly liberal writer with the word booze in the title of one of your books.
      Seriously, it has not been easy to get book signings around here. And that’s why I was so thrilled to have a quaint little bookstore called The Nearsighted Narwhal invite me to Tacoma, Washington to sign some books for them.
      Me! All the way from South Carolina! Bless my heart.
      Apparently, they did not give a hoot or a holler that the word booze was in the title of one of my books. And they did not care that I had tattoos and wasn’t married with children at the spinster age of 41. And they never told me that I was going to hell for anything. Not once!
      Tacoma was a grand place to be.
      Even grander was the fact that it was sunny and in the forties when I arrived, and it was TWELVE degrees back home! Hahahahaha! OK, I take that back. There is another cold front coming in and I don’t need to incur any bad weather karma, lest my pipes freeze.
      But the purpose of this blog is to give a shout to that sweet little bookstore, and the owners, Christina and Ossain, for welcoming me and giving me a place to read my books that have some dirty words in them. Thanks y’all! I miss The NN already!

     Next month’s blog might have to be about the place I visited down the street from The Nearsighted Narhwal, the marijuana cookie store. It was great!… I think. I sorta forgot.

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