What’s new with Susan A. Sistare?

A product of the 70s, I was a mere tot when I became so heavily entrenched in rock and roll and books. The love of rock and roll (i.e. Kiss and Rush, etc…) was due to the influence of my big brothers.

The books were my way of escaping my big brothers.

See, I have a theory. Any little girl who is reared with a mean older brother (and the chances of the following increase exponentially with each brother) is either going to be the girliest girl of girl-land, or she’s going to be a tomboy. So let me save you some time: I like booger jokes, Star Wars, I drink from the almond milk carton, and I’m contemplating titling my next book The Whiskey Whisperer. There is little doubt from which category I rodeo.

Still, I am a fan of the sisterhood, which you will see when reading my books. How I ended up heterosexual is anyone’s guess, but in my nicer moments, I love you all, even if you’re the girly type.

One More Thing…


Susan Sistare

My long-time friend Alice and I have had this joke for around the last 25 years. We don’t acknowledge each other’s birthdays, nor do we give each other presents. We give each other “prizes” at random times. My birthday comes and goes, but four months later I get a maxi-pad in the mail. A month after her birthday, she might get some coupons from me. (If she’s lucky.) So here I am offering you a prize. If you email me at susanasistare@gmail.com to buy an autographed book for $20, I will stick a prize in your package. And I promise it won’t be a maxi-pad. It’ll be something cool like a homemade magnet or some temporary Kiss tattoos. Deal? Oh, and here’s a link to my former roommate’s Broadway Bag page. I’ll send you a prize if you buy a bag from her and tell her I sent you. I promise I will.